Iot Based Smart Safety Monitoring System For Sewage Workers With Two Way Communication

YEAR :2023



Most of the cities adopted the underground drainage system and it’s the duty of Municipal Corporation to maintain cleanliness, healthy and safety of cities. If the drainage system is not properly managed then pure water gets contaminate with drainage water and infectious diseases may get spread. Drainage cleaning people are not aware of risk by sudden attack of poisonous gas since the gases are odorless if exposed for long time which may cause serious health problems. Due to the lack of using proper gas leakage detection system, a number of dangerous accidents occurred during the last few decades. To overcome all these problems effective monitoring system is needed in the drainage channels. The detected system is proposed with gas sensors like Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen sulphide sensors and Methane, one Heart Beat sensor used to Calculate the pulse rate of Human. Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen sulphide, Methane gases are highly toxic to human hence the proposed system will gives alert through the LCD Display after reaching the threshold level of each gas sensors then people gets alerts Heart Beat sensor will calculate the range of the Pulse rate then output at the abnormal range will give alert through notification through an IOT


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