Virtual Brain Model-Based Framework For Dependable EEG Sensing And Actuation In Intelligent Brain Iot System

YEAR : 2021


Real-time Brain IoT Systems are costly. But, developing a cheaper system has been accelerated greatly by the better research that is being done on Virtual Brain. The death of an important person on a secret mission is consider sensitive information and must be handled with as much security as possible. By ensuring this discreteness, the time taken for the message of their death to reach the relevant authority is increased to up to a few days. The time taken to deliver the message is too much. These days, the improvements in hardware increasing the abilities of the Virtual brain and of the wearable Brain IoT sensors have made the development of numerous new software frameworks possible for the developers to create useful applications that combine the human brain with IoT. Multiple sensory pathways are also enabled for communications of the human brain with larger sized data.The main aim of this project is to upload confidential documents onto the clouds securely as possible. Knowledge on how every individual thinks and recalls memory is found by the Virtual cerebrum undertaking. Both of the mentioned fields have been accelerated greatly in terms of development by these researches. This will in turn drive the need of an energy-efficient technology that supports the wider demands of the IoT. The brain activity extraction in IoT has been surveyed thoroughly in this project. This includes IoT models based on Electroencephalogram (EEG), machine learning and the current active platforms. The main findings of our survey highlights three major trends of development in the virtual brain development system, viz, IoT, EEGand cloud computing. Since the human body has a the low frequency range of 7Hz or below 7Hz, it cannot be detected by the EEG sensor. So, the wearable EEG sensor has a band that goes around the head. Once the individual is dead, the confidential information that is securely stored in the cloud can be sent to the mail id that was pre-registered by the user without any delay. This system is very time efficient.


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