Smart Dustbin an Efficient Garbage Management Approach for a Healthy Society

YEAR : 2018


As the population is increasing day by day, the environment should be clean and hygienic. In most of the cities the overflowed garbage bins are creating an unhygienic environment. This will further lead to a rise of different types of diseases. This will degrade the standard of living. To overcome these situations an efficient smart garbage management method has to be developed. In recent decades there is a quick development in the rate of urbanization and therefore there is a need of economical urban improvement designs. Presently utilizing new age innovation and vital approach, the idea of brilliant urban areas is coming up all around the globe. A brilliant city is inadequate without an efficient waste administration framework. This paper depicts the utilization of our model of “Smart Dustbin” in dealing with the waste accumulation management. The dustbin itself works as a robot, when it is full on command from authorized person it goes to prelearned path (for first time user has to guide towards garbage dumping area) and empties itself. An authorized person gives command from Webpage where dustbin status is updated regularly.


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