Design and development of object sorting robort using raspberry pi

YEAR :2023



Automation, although had led into the development in terms of sophistication of human efforts in bringing out mass production of more precisely manufactured goods; yet it in some ways it needs to be modified to be a smarter intelligent system. Usually sorting of objects is carried out manually using human labor. Recognizing a particular object and placing it in the required position is a tiring work especially in the field of industry where in one has to sort a bulk of objects in quick time and also the weight is greater than what a human can carry. In this paper we discuss about sorting the objects based on their shape and color. Here we use Raspberry pi, which is an open sourced Linux based board and it is interfaced with camera module. Firstly we catch up the images of objects which are required to be sorted out by using the camera. By applying the basic principles of digital image processing we compare the color components of the acquired image and differentiate the objects. This entire sequence of steps of results in our desired output of sorting out objects automatically.


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