Arduino based pressure sensitive smart safety system for industrial

YEAR : 2021


As India is one of the Agro-based countries, most of the water resources are depleting by means of inefficient irrigation methods. In addition to this, farmers’ negligence in operating irrigation systems has led to the damage of irrigation systems. In this work, we have created a prototype to prevent system damage due to overpressure and make the farmer aware of the issue. The pressure sensor is installed at the outlet and continuously monitors the pressure. The Arduino collects the data from the digital pressure sensor and converts it into pressure value and displays it on the LCD. The saturated value can be set using a keypad and when the measured pressure value exceeds the saturated value, it cut off the supply power to the motor using a contactor. The contactor is controlled using a relay drive. This system protects the irrigation system from damage and prevents the wastage of cost and water.


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