Smart Obstacle Recognition System using Raspberry Pi

YEAR :2021



Blindness is a major problem in the society which made difficult for the person to lead his/her day-to-day life. The proposed system will detect, track and analyze the approaching objects and alert them to avoid collision. The PI camera and the Ultrasonic sensor sense the type and distance between the person and the object. The contactless temperature sensor senses the temperature of the object contactless manner using infrared rays. The GPS sensor tracks the route and location of the blind and the ESP8266 connects with the cloud for Realtime monitoring of the blind. The Vibrating motor and the buzzer alert the person when the safety limit is exceeded. The proposed system uses Raspberry Pi and Arduino Uno microcontroller. The beeping and the vibration are varied according to the distance and temperature of the object. This proposed system will make the life of blind less difficult.


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