Towards Achieving Keyword Search over Dynamic Encrypted Cloud Data with Symmetric-Key Based Verification

YEAR : 2021


Group recommendation has become highly demanded when users communicate in the forms of group activities in online sharing communities. These group activities include student group study, family TV program watching, friends travel decision, etc. Existing group recommendation techniques mainly focus on the small user groups. However, online sharing communities have enabled group activities among thousands of users. Accordingly, recommendation over large groups has become urgent. In this project, we propose a new framework to accomplish this goal by exploring the group interests and the connections between group users. We first divide a big group into different interest subgroups, each of which contains users closely connected with each other and sharing the similar interests. Then, for each interest subgroup, our framework exploits the connections between group users to collect a comparably compact potential candidate set of media-user pairs, on which the collaborative filtering is performed to generate an interest subgroup-based recommendation list. After that, a novel aggregation function is proposed to integrate the recommended media lists of all interest subgroups as the final group recommendation results. Extensive experiments have been conducted on two real social media datasets to demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of our proposed approach.



System : Intel i3 and above
Hard Disk : 40GB
RAM : Minimum 4GB
Processer : 64-bit, four-core, 2.5 GHz minimum per core


Front End Language : HTML, CSS, JAVA, JSP SERVELTS
Backend : My SQL
Operating System : Windows 10 or 11


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