Smart Door System with COVID-19 Risk Factor Evaluation, Contactless Data Acquisition and Sanitization

YEAR :2022

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Thousands of people have lost their life by COVID-19 infection. Authorities have seen the calamities caused by the corona virus in China. So, when the trace of virus was found in India, the only possible way to stop the spread of the virus was to go into lockdown. In a country like India where a major part of the population depends on the daily wages, being in lockdown started affecting their life. People where tend to go out for getting the food items and other essentials, and this caused the spread of virus. Many were infected and many lost their life by this. Due to the pandemic, the whole world was affected and many people working in foreign countries lost their jobs as well. These people who came back to India caused further spread of the virus. The main reason for the spread is lack of hygiene and a proper system to monitor the symptoms. Even though our country was in lockdown for almost 6 months the number of COVID cases doesn’t get diminished. It is not practical to extend the lockdown any further, ad people have decided to live with the virus. But it is essential to take the necessary precautions while interacting with the society. Automated system for checking that all the COVID protocols are followed and early symptom identification before entering to a place are essential to stop the spread of the infection. This research work proposes a smart door system, which evaluates the COVID-19 risk factors and collects the data of person before entering into any place, thereby ensuring that non-infected people are only entering to the place and thus the spread of virus can be avoided.


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