Measurement of Iodine Levels in Salt Using Color Sensor

YEAR : 2021


Iodine found in salt has different levels and it is considered important to know the iodine level consumed. Some types of salt do not provide information about the iodine content of the salt, but the others have iodine levels that exceed the human body consumption limit. The consumption of iodine is different in terms of age (children, adolescents, and adults), so it is necessary to be careful in consuming salt, especially for children. Measurement of iodine levels in salt is carried out by mixing starch in salt or using iodine test kit liquid. This study aims to measure the iodine levels in salt, which are grouped into three categories (7-15 ppm, 20-27, and >30). The use of Arduino Uno and TCS3200 sensor can detect samples with the results of two samples that do not contain iodine, and the others have different iodine levels.


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