KeyD: Secure Key-Deduplication with Identity-Based Broadcast Encryption

YEAR : 2021


Deduplication, which can save storage cost by enabling us to store only one copy of identical data, becomes unprecedentedly significant with the dramatic increase in data stored in the cloud. For the purpose of ensuring data confidentiality, they are usually encrypted before outsourced. Traditional encryption will inevitably result in multiple different ciphertexts produced from the same plaintext by different users’ secret keys, which hinders data deduplication. Convergent encryption makes deduplication possible since it naturally encrypts the same plaintexts into the same ciphertexts. One attendant problem is how to reliably and effectively manage a huge number of convergent keys. Several deduplication schemes have been proposed to deal with the convergent key management problem. However, they either need to introduce key management servers or require interaction between data owners. In this paper, we design a novel client-side deduplication protocol named KeyD without such an independent key management server by utilizing the identity-based broadcast encryption (IBBE) technique. Users only interact with the cloud service provider (CSP) during the process of data upload and download. Security analysis demonstrates that KeyD ensures data confidentiality and convergent key security, and well protects the ownership privacy simultaneously. A thorough and detailed performance comparison shows that our scheme makes a better tradeoff among the storage cost, communication and computation overhead.



System : Intel i3 and above
Hard Disk : 40GB
RAM : Minimum 4GB
Processer : 64-bit, four-core, 2.5 GHz minimum per core


Front End Language : HTML, CSS, JAVA, JSP SERVELTS
Backend : My SQL
Operating System : Windows 10 or 11


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