Intelligent Supply Chain Handling and Analysis System Using IOT

YEAR :2023



Supply chain management has been in existence and has developed over past hundred years. This Project takes a detail account of development history of the supply chain management. A review of the literature reveals that over the years the conventional supply chain management, which relied on manual and laborious gathering of information and tracking of goods, has evolved in to Smart supply chain management. Starting from simple RFID based tagging for identification of goods, the development of sensor based technologies and communicating devices has played a big role in the overall development of the smart supply chains. It is understood that a whole lot of IoT infrastructure layer operates by gathering, communicating the information to track the position, quality and timely delivery of goods. The application of IoT today not only tracks the goods but intelligently predicts the situations and helps in protecting and reducing losses. Complex algorithms are in place today which drive the IoT application in different supply chains.


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