IOT Based Pregnancy Women Health Monitoring System for Prenatal Care

YEAR : 2021


In the developing countries most of the peoples are lived in the rural areas and medical systems are not amalgamated for sharing information. mostly, The pregnant women’s are unable to do their normal checkups at the starting time of pregnancy time and this cause higher death count in case of newborn and parental in the rural areas as well as in urban also. Due to this situation, the women’s are facing an immense medical issues. Accelerometer sensor is designed to measure the count of kicks/force by unborn child and it is transfer into the ARDUINO UNO controller. Motion of the foetal and some important parameters such as Blood pressure, Heartbeat rate, count of unborn child’s kicks and temperature for the women’s are measured using various types of sensors. The measured parameters are transmitted by way of IOT and it is displayed in the mobile phone. This system is highly sensitive and light weight even for small motion, so it is preferred as a home monitoring device. Now-a-days, ultrasound scanning method is used. Because it is long-term usage and very expensive. Limitations of ultrasound scan method on foetal are not completely clear. so ultrasound scan is not suggested continuous monitoring. Finally we used GSM module to calculate the normal and abnormalrate.


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