Design and management of an intelligent parking Slot system using computer vision

YEAR :2023



Over time, scientists and engineers have developed technology that has improved everyday living. For every invention, they have found to reinvent it and create a better version of it. An example would be parking lots. From the usual time-in-time-out system; window cashier to parking spot back to window cashier, the hassle of this cycle was reduced through the use of license plate recognition which this study tackled. License plate identification technology has become a useful factor in different issues like parking management, vehicle owner recognition, etc. Computer vision has provided a means to reduce manual labor in parking lots by replacing them with sensors and scanners which would take over. This would be beneficial to the company as this technology would require minimal maintenance. Through image processing and enhancement, the license plates of these cars could be taken account of in real-time and this data could be used to generate the parking bills given the time-in and a time-out of the vehicle. This project aimed to tackle the problems of car management and to further simplify the parking system.


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