Automated Pick and Place Robot Using Raspberry Pi

YEAR :2022



This project presents an automated pick and place solution based on Raspberry Pi module. The proposed solution allows identifying objects in random positions through image processing and performing the pick and place operation using an industrial robotic arm. The solution is composed by a conveyor belt carrying wood blocks of different dimensions, which arise randomly at the beginning of the conveyor and moving to an area where they can be picked up by the robot. Above the conveyor belt there is a video camera connected to a Raspberry Pi that controls simultaneously the robot and the conveyor. The conveyor belt is driven by a three phase induction motor powered by a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) which is continuously adjusted by the Raspberry Pi in order to assure the correct operation. During the operation the controller performs the detection of the objects and their dimensions, using image-processing techniques, allowing to follow the wood blocks along the entire motion. An algorithm was developed in order to optimize the processing time of the proposed solution.


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