Arduino based Dual Axis Solar Tracker

YEAR : 2021


Our life is dependent on various forms of energy. Solar energy is one of the renewable sources of energy generation and does not leave any harmful residue waste, making it clean. It can be smoothly exercised by using solar photovoltaic (PV) panels. But it is observed that most of the solar panels are placed at fixed angles. To achieve the maximum duration of incident solar energy collected by a solar panel, the solar tracking device is used to position the solar panel facing the sun throughout the day, improving the performance ratio of the system. This research paper covers the development and design of dual-axis solar panel tracker & practical study of dual-axis solar tracker compared to the defined solar panels in terms of performance improvement. Solar energy is rapidly growing in importance as a source of renewable energy. Heat and light are the two basic types of solar energy. The environment transforms and absorbs sunlight and heat in a variety of ways. The purpose of this paper is to offer methods for collecting solar energy in more amounts as compared to the traditional method.


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