A Novel Approach Railway Track Damage Detection

YEAR :2021



The Indian railways are the largest rail passenger transport in today’s world and it is the back bone of the country transport infrastructure. Almost 24 million passengers use the railway system on a daily basis. One of the most widely used and comfortable modes of transportation system is train, but occasionally, accidents are occurring due to collision as well as other reason. It is very difficult to stop such collisions because of speed of moving trains, which is needs a lead distance to stop. Collisions are happing due to human errors and/or faulty equipment’s. The main problem about a railway analysis is detection of cracks in the structure. If these deficiencies are not controlled at early stages they might lead to a number of derailments resulting in a heavy loss of life and property. This project proposes a cost effective solution to the problem of railway track crack detection utilizing GSM control assembly which tracks damage and then mended immediately so that many lives will be saved.


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