Student Academic Performance Management System

YEAR : 2022


The biggest challenge of a school office authority is to manage each and every student detail and their marks effectively and efficiently, often cases occur of changes in marks, pass list, name changes, data losses etc. In the existing scenario each student’s marks are separately entered by their teachers first in a sheet of paper and then later an office staff copies the mark into a register. It is extremely tedious to search data from this registers and usually mark registers are kept separate from student registers, moreover there are every chance of entering wrong marks of the student. To overcome all the cons and disadvantages of the existing system, the proposed software is developed to make the entry and the retrieval of student data much easier. The Student Management System , Stream and the Results Processing System have been modified to provide mapping services where assignment tracking information (date & time assignments are received and returned to students, of the University) and assignment marks are able to be automatically downloaded from Stream and input to the assignments module of SMS and assessment marks of RPS.


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