Smart Solar Cell e-Warning Signs Board via on Cloud-based Control for Social Distancing Alert

YEAR :2021



In this project, the visualization LED board was designed and implemented called as solar cell e-warning sign board which can generate the digital data field commands for the variable texts, messages or warning sign symbols as on demand or automatically display change in order to input change via on cloud communication in a long distance control served for the social distancing methodology in a new normal of COVID-19 situations. An e-warning sign board run on digital communication command with Arduino controllers based and cloud control plus GPS tracking which can served an important information on demand request of crowd user’s area such as food court, restaurant or public transportation stations which must be manage for social distancing policy. However, e-warning sign board may be the different sizes and shape according to the natural scenes and the crowd area size and it has to display the variable message in real-time situations both for day and night time. And about its energy consumption, solar energy is a clean and renewable power resource, for non-storability in a standalone photovoltaic (PV) system can be mitigated by incorporating energy storage devices like battery to store the electrical energy produced by solar panel when the sun is shining and to supply power when the sun is not shining.


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