Six Wheel Drive Pick And Place Robot Using Arduino

YEAR :2022

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By the yesteryears experiences and seeing the future scopes, there are many domains and areas where robotic manipulators are finding their scopes for deployment, thus achieving required precision. Frequent picking and placing action is a repetitive action where picking and placing robotic vehicles can be used, in manufacturing and many other industries. Along with lot of industrial application robotic vehicles also find their applications in many other domains like safety and surveillance in difficult terrain surfaces where human personal intervention is difficult, but process has to be operated in controlled manner. Our project primarily focuses on mounting and implementation of pick and place robot on six wheeled drive chassis for making it compatible for both Industrial and Non Industrial tasks. The robotic arm implemented has six degree of freedom. As a modular design, changes can be made in robotic arm and end gripper as per required applications. Our robotic vehicle also consist of storage area on six wheeled drive chassis for picking and placing objects in a bulk, thus saving time in operation.


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