Online File sharing System Using Python and Flask frame work

YEAR : 2022


As computers become an increasing part of our lives at work, at home, and even while traveling, the growth of Internet has brought about revolution to our daily lives with sophisticated online applications .that provide us with tremendous ease of communication. Internet offers a number of services ranging from mail server, list server to web-based workgroup tool. With the increasing need to transfer and store digital data, web-based file sharing options has become popularize among web communities. A variety format of file sharing opportunities is available over the net, from free web page servers to online photo galleries and online personal storage space. The file sharing system helps people from different domains (e.g. students and lecturers) to manage, access, share and backup their files online, easily, efficiently and reliably. This project describes some of the features implemented in this system as a solution to share a file in online and can download the file.


System Requirements

Operating System : Windows 7,8,10 (64 bit)
Software : Python
Tools : Anaconda (Jupyter notebook and anaconda prompt)


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