Online Betting App for Football Match Using Django Framework And API

YEAR : 2021


With the evolution in the field of Data Sciences, every business firm is adapting latest technologies to grow their business. There are competitions in delivering better management, better quality of evaluations and better services in the market. The only possible way to meet all these qualities is to conduct analysis of data with purity and more accurately. Django frame work is the emerging field to predict future outcomes with existing data and based on these predictions better decisions can be made. football is a well-known game that played and watched around a globe in 104 countries. Many of these football fans want their team to perform good and declare as a winner. To make sure their team’s win, team should work on their strengths and team performances. Predicting winner of a football match depends on many. By using this project we can able to find the upcoming and live match of the football. We are using the Django framework for this project using python.


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