Online Auto Dealer Distributor Business System

YEAR : 2022


Along with the development of technology and information, various service providers are computing in improving the service, both system and service process. It is a must considering the many business competition in the field of services, from small service, medium and large competition. All of them must have innovation as the selling point, especially in the field of all the products related to Automative . Increased sales of all products related to the vechicles are making more comfortable for the users. The number of requests is also based on the business of everyone who is required to do a lot of doing many activities at one time. Very unfortunate number of activities performed in one time that one of them all spare products. Business in this field is also very profitable considering the vehicle is an object that is needed to facilitate everyone to transport anywhere. Because Vehicles are things that are often used. That is why business in this field is very promising.


Operating system : Windows XP/7/8/10

Coding Language : JAVA

Front End : NetBeans Software

Backend : MySQL


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