Online and automated water billing system based on Flow Rate and Volume

YEAR :2022



Wastage of water in process of manually operated water pump, human error associated with manually operated system, improper bill creation, delay in bill availability and delay in payments process are problems that lead to the development of an “Android based Automatic Water Billing (AWB)” system. In AWB system a low cost water flow meter is proposed, which measures flow rate of water passed through the supply pipe of particular user and bills are created according the usage of water by that particular user. This provides control on usage of water without applying more charges to the user. The deadline is given to the user to pay bill otherwise the water supply will be stopped by supplier. Bills and notifications regarding due payment are forwarded to the user on Water Bill Management Application (WBM-App) which is designed in Andiron Studio. Graphical representation of the water usage with respect to time is provided to the user with the help of cloud platform called IOT. The main aim of the system is to avoid wastage of water and minimize human interference to avoid mismanagement in payment process


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