Innovative digital energy meter with over load indicator and power theft control

YEAR :2021



This project aims to provide a smart way of measuring the electricity consumption in energy meters using modern electronic gadgets where the communication must be established between the user and the energy meter (which follows Modbus communication) for daily update of the consumption. To provide this communication, the unit data received from the energy meter is interfaced with the microcontroller (ARDUINO UNO) through Embedded c code technique. Additionally, the interface setup where it acts as a gateway between energy meter and Arduino board where the values from the energy meter is converted into a suitable form understandable by the Arduino uno board. The microcontroller provides two functions in which one of them involves measuring the units consumed by the user. Using Arduino software application, the user can now read the values in their system which is being used by them. A service provider named NodeMcu Module is used which is used to provide a message to the user when the user’s electricity consumption had under theft based and compare with the threshold value and we monitor through to IOT


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