Gas Leakage with Auto Ventilation and Smart Management System Using IoT

YEAR :2021



In the evolving smart home architectures, the issue of gas spillage and fire is still remaining as a significant hindrance for designing a comprehensive, safe and sustainable kitchen model. On the other hand, security has also been significant challenge in this digital era. In urban areas, most of the kitchens are very small and it doesn’t contain proper ventilation system. In such case, Spillage of gas increases the risk of fire accident, suffocation or a blast. To eradicate this challenge, smart management system viz. gas leakage detection and fire detection system should be developed. In this paper, Arduino UNO microcontroller was utilized to build a smart gas detection system with many usable sensors (MQ2, IR Fire Sensor) and actuators (air fan, buzzer). When gas spillage is recognized, the client will be intimated through SMS and at the same time they will monitor the data’s in IOT application. The proposed system can detect fire, gas leakage and it also has the ability to take further steps and decrease gas concentration via auto air ventilation and extinguish fire with water. The proposed method will help to improve the safety and reduce the death toll and reduce the damages that occur to the surrounding environment.


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