Food and Shelter For Helpless People

YEAR : 2022


Food banks and food collection organizations have geared up to tackle the food waste challenge in India’s major cities. They have set up waste leftover food helplines so that restaurants, caterers, wedding venues and party organizers who intimate availability of food for donation.
Often such intimation is given at a late hour and pick up time is also late i.e. after midnight. Despite these hurdles, these food banks and food collection. Many orphanages, children’s homes and other organizations do not have facilities to undertake leftover food collection. They will be happy to accept the food if it is delivered at their location.
The food for big functions is prepared in advance – at least a few hours before. It is only natural that the food will not remain fresh for long time -so it should be consumed as soon as possible.


Operating system : Windows XP/7/8/10

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