Design of Operating Distributions for a Cable Operater with the Defined Life Cycles

YEAR : 2022


Cable Operator Management System is integrated and automation software for cable operators. Cable operators will distribute TV channels to their customers for that they charge some money monthly. To maintain their customers and number of users this software provides automation. In this COM System they can main their staff member’s details and their customer details. By using this COM System, they can divide their areas macro parts to micro parts. By using this system, they can meet their business requirements. Cable Operators once they divided their areas into micro parts then they can assign their staff members to take care about their micro part areas. Cable operators they can maintain their staff members like collection boys, helpers and technicians. All the collection boys will have user id and password. At the end of the everyday they will login to the COM System they will feed their collection details and remarks. By using this COM System, they can know about their equipment’s located on which areas. How many active / non active customers are there? all these details they can view it by using the reports. MIS reports were generated for the month of collections, expenses, pending amount, complaints area wise and date wise, month wise.


Operating system : Windows XP/7/8/10

Coding Language : JAVA

Front End : NetBeans Software

Backend : MySQL


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