Design and Development of Arduino Based Portable Air Quality Monitoring Systems

YEAR :2021



Air pollution can have a terrible impact on the environment and human health Because of the release of lethal gases by vehicular emissions, factories, and elevated amounts of inhalable particulate matter in the atmosphere. It leads to Harmful effects on ecosystems, human health, and climate changes. Therefore, monitoring of pollutant levels in the air is required. In this project, an Arduino microcontroller-based air quality monitoring system has been developed for measuring the various atmospheric parameters viz. carbon-monoxide, temperature, humidity, and methane using the respective sensors. The measurements were taken based on the parts per million (PPM) metrics and the data were collected through the sensors based LCD/serial-monitor for analyzing the result. Both graphical and numerical formats of results can help the user to a better understanding of the pollutant level in the air by which he/she can take necessary action.


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