Automatic Health Machine for COVID-19 and Other Emergencies

YEAR : 2021


The novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) is a pandemic of unimaginable proportion and magnitude that is posing a great challenge worldwide to the medical industry in the 21st century. It has completely changed the texture of life to a greater extent. The increasing number of victims succumbing to the disease has created an indelible fear in the minds of the people who are afraid to access even the basic healthcare facilities. This paper deals with the Automatic Health Machine (AHM) which uses IoT and Artificial Intelligence technologies to help users access medical facilities during a pandemic and medical emergency mostly in rural and urban areas. The AHM provides complete virtual health checkup, connects with the doctor or specialist online and books appointments for the swab test or ambulance in case of emergency based on the patient’s condition, dispenses the swab test or emergency medicines and electronic prescription to patients for later reference. The services of the AHM are accessible to all individuals using “Smart Health Card”. According to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG3) proposed by the United Nations, the AHM ensures the wellbeing of all ages in society and increases the survival rate during unprecedented times like a andemic/epidemic. We collaborated with industries and hospitals to understand healthcare/patients’ requirements considering pandemic and post-pandemic. We conducted virtual workshops with the COVID-recovered patients and frontline nurses and doctors. As an overall outcome, the healthcare professionals feel the system can be adopted in an area where medical facility is not available immediately. Thus, our work has led to a patent being published in India and USA.


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