Automated Marine Surface Trash Cleaner

YEAR :2019



This project describes the design and construction of an automated water surface cleaner. It is executed thinking of the present situation of our national rivers consisting of millions of wastes, hydrophytes, toxicant plastics, polythene, dead leaves etc. The use of an automated water surface cleaner reduces water pollution at 10% of the total water pollution. Also, it is used in those places where people cannot reach easily. The main focus of this project is to eliminate trashes off the water surface by a remote control system, thus reducing human effort. It requires RF remote connection for navigation purposes, which is the input for wheel motors and a conveyor belt, a GSM to get notified when the device is significantly loaded, a motor connected conveyer belt to collect trashes and an ARDUINO acting as the interface in between. A bin is attached to gather trashes and a sensor to notify the user if it is full. This system is economical as well since it reduces the labor cost required to do all these kinds of stuff.


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