Arduino Based Agriculture Based Recommender System using IOT with ESP8266

YEAR : 2021


In this project, we have planned to use technologies such as IoT and Cloud computing to recommend to farmers the type of crop to be grown on the basis of available resources, climate, rainfall, temperature, area of land, past crop yield and other parameters, thereby reducing the effort and time required for different agricultural processes. In considering the above parameters, it is recommended that farmers grow and the type of pesticidesand water supply be used from time to time. The system can help farmers produce suitable crops. As a result, they can improve their lifestyles and help society more. In this paper, we present an attempt to predict the yield that a farmer can obtain from his land by analyzing past data patterns. It gives them an overview of the recommendation to grow the plant until the crop is sold. Therefore, provide a comprehensive guide to helpfarmers in their agricultural work. In this paper we have used ATmega328 microcontroller. It is programmed to sense PH, NPK, Temperature, Humidity, Rainfall and moisture level of plants at particular instance of time, if the moisture content is less than specified threshold which is predefined according to particular plant’s water need then desired amount of water is supplied till it reaches threshold. Generally, plants need to be watered twice a day, morning and evening. Thus, the microcontroller is programmed to water plants two times per day.


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