An Implementation of E-complaits Analysis for Quick Response to Citizen Complaints

YEAR : 2022


Citizen Complaints are considered vital and significant information that can be utilized to attain citizen’ satisfaction. The Citizen Complaint Analysis System that can be effective in reducing citizen’ complaints through participating citizen. The system starts by discussing the service implementation with the web-application interface development. These services have been explored to obtain the Citizen and Officer data and find out about how they are working. Then, they have been implemented in the web application, each according to the operation that calls the service to restore certain data. Most important reports extracted from the evaluation results. For implementing the module, a web application has been developed to exhibit both the ability of the module and the efficiency in e-Gov, since that web application could be developed thoroughly. It was supposed that to complete the e-complaint system cycle, there is a need for three modules to implement this cycle; the first module is related to the “Citizen” who wants to fill his/her complaint; the second is the “Admin” who manages the system users; the third is the “Officer” who will handle the Citizen complaints.


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