Advance Online Net Banking Projects in Java

YEAR :2023


This project is aimed at developing an Online Banking for customer. The system is an online application that can be accessed throughout the organization and outside as well with proper login provided. Online Banking System is a web application that ensures a registered user to enjoy banking online. This Online Banking project is a web application where you can transfer money to other users and can have a close watch on all your transactions. Also we have added extra security features to our Online Banking System project. The features are the mail verification for new registered users. A new user needs to verify his email id once before logging in to Online Banking System. Also when a registered user adds another user as his beneficiary, he gets a verification mail. And, he has to verify the beneficiary before making any transactions. So this bank management system project allows user to safely meet your all banking requirements like transfer money, view your transaction history and request bank for money.


•System : Dual core.
•Hard Disk : 40 GB.
•Floppy Drive : 1.44 Mb.
•Monitor : 15 VGA Colour.
•Mouse : Logitech.
•Ram : 4 GB.


•Operating system : Windows XP/7/10/11.
•Coding Language : JAVA
•Data Base : MYSQL


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