Over the years, technology has revolutionized our world and daily lives. Additionally, technology for seniors has created amazing tools and resources, putting useful information at our fingertips. Modern technology has paved the way for multi-functional devices like the smartwatch and the smartphone. Computers are increasingly faster, more portable, and higher-powered than ever before. With all of these revolutions, technology has also made our lives easier, faster, better, and more fun. .

The Disadvantages of Modern Technology are given below:

Technology Causes Lack of Interest in Studying

• The students’ valuable time is wasted.
• Students are distracted by technology from their studies, objectives, and aspirations.
• Students waste money by purchasing pointless technological devices.
• A decline in creativity.

Technology Causes Environmental Problems

1. Air Pollution Due to Technology

As a consequence of various hazardous gases that factories and automobiles produce and the air they pollute, humans and other living things become susceptible to many diseases, including asthma. Many people and other living things are affected by issues with oxygen and other diseases brought on by air pollution.

2. Sound/Noise Pollution Due to Technology

Many technological innovations contribute significantly to sound pollution. includes large machinery, manufacturing facilities, cars, aero planes, etc. It poses serious risks to all living things.

3. Water Pollution Due to Technology

Multiple factories and mills produce chemical waste, which is then released into rivers in large quantities, polluting the water and endangering all forms of life. It causes many deadly diseases in living things and kills them.

3. Technology Reduces the Creativity of People

Deep thought produces these creative ideas, which are something like discovering new, intriguing, and original ideas everywhere and putting them into practice. However, they divert their attention using only cutting-edge technological tools thanks to the use of technology. They consequently cease to be creative.

4. Technology Causes Health Problems in Peoples

Most people use their mobile phones nowadays. Which also affects the health of people. Some of the bad effects of technology on human health are given below.
1. Damage eyesight.
2. Damage hearing.
3. Increase obesity 4. Brain cancer.
5. Asthma problems.
6. Skin cancer.
7. Increase obesity. And many more.

5.Security Issues in Using the Technology

Our societies are developing and shifting toward the technological side. Everyone wants everything to be automatic, and they use technology to achieve this. Additionally, it can take a long time to recover when technology fails or doesn’t function as intended.

6. Modern Technology Waste our Time

There are a lot of modern technological gadgets that most people used and waste their precious time. Like television, videos game, play stations, music players, and most mobile phones.

7. Technology Causes Distraction from Work and Study

It distracts people from their work, study, and many more, and the results are they waste most of their time by using these devices instead of work or studying. People lost interest in their goals and ambitions which they have to work hard to achieve and waste their precious time using such kind of irregular activity. I am not saying that to not use it. But to use it at a specific time, we have not to use it every time.

8. Technology Causes Social Isolation of the People

People are always busy using their mobile phones or watching television and didn’t want to do anything else. Actually, they get addicted to it by the extensive use of technology. They didn’t want to do any kind of other activity or to go outside and meet with people, their relatives, friends, etc.

9.Addiction to Technology of the People

You go anywhere in a restaurant or a bus, taxi to public places you will definitely find people busy using their mobile phones. Even after eating a meal or sleeping time they didn’t control themselves from the usage of their mobile phones.

10. Technology Causes Wastage of money

The technological machines, devices, and gadgets are so expensive. People pay a lot of money for it to buy, and also their maintenance is very expensive.

11. People’s Dependency on Technology

We can find that people from 20 years before are so strong and creative because they were work so hard by themselves daily. Because they all are dependent on technology, and by this, they lose their creativity and also health. People become lazy by the excessive use of technology, and technology also lowers the value of human workers.

12. No Longer Experience Real Life Events

Due to computerized and digital devices, most people no longer experience real-life events. Live shows and music concerts are recorded and shared on social media and websites on the internet, and people watch them on their digital devices (computers, mobile phones, etc.).

13. Complexity in Using Technology

Modern technological devices and machines we interact with on daily basis are very hard to understand and fix. For example: fixing the issues of modern cars means interacting with the computer systems. It is no longer just electrical or mechanical. Most modern technological devices and machines become computerized, it is very complex to use and fix.

14.Crimes in Modern Technology

Cybercrime is becoming very dangerous and bigger every day. Internet and email fraud, theft of financial card payment data, theft of scale corporate data, ransomware attacks, cyber extortion, crypto-jacking, cyberespionage, and criminal activities that use computers to commit other crimes are examples of cybercrime.

15. People Get Involved in Inappropriate Content

Due to the presence of internet technology, many students and youngsters are exposed to inappropriate content. This is one of the biggest issues of modern technology for the people.

16. Unemployment by Technology

Technology has given the world many wonderful things, but it’s also given rise to issues. The advancement of technology has resulted in a great deal of automation which has caused unemployment because a single machine or computer is capable of completing the work of many people in a much shorter amount of time.

The advantages of modern technology for people are given below:

1. Technology Cause Cost Deficiency

There are a lot of technological devices, gadgets or we can say machinery is available at a very cheap price for people that you cannot imagine. More ever technology helps people from different aspects. Which results in cost deficiency. For different kinds of work, we required a lot of workers to do and it is done by technological machines and a few workers in a few minutes and at fewer costs.

2. Technology Benefits to the Health Industry

It becomes very for doctors to analyze their patient’s diseases accurately and efficiently at any time. And it reduced the mistakes made by doctors during the analysis of their patients’ diseases. In today’s modern world the majority of hospitals used the new modern technology in their hospitals.

3. Technology Saves our Precious Time

There are a lot of technological devices or machines or gadgets, and we save a lot of our time. For example, before the inventions of technology used for transportation, it was very difficult for people to transport from one place to another place and it takes time to reach the destination. But after technology, it takes less time to reach.

4.Technology Use for Education

Technology makes study and teaching very easy for students and teachers. There are a lot of electronic devices, gadgets, and software that help a lot of students in education. For example: Nowadays the multimedia projector is used in every education system. It makes teaching very easy and interesting for the teacher.

5. Technology Used for Entertainment

Technology also works in the entertainment area. There are a lot of modern technological devices used for entertainment. • Play stations (used for playing video games). • Video games. • Computer • Mobile phones. • VR devices.

6. Technology for Disabled People to Make Them Able

Technology makes everything possible nearly. Artificial hands and feet are invented recently for people who have some kind of disabilities of hands and feet.

7.Technology Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the new era and concept of technology in which everything is based on technology. Any kind of work will be based on technology. In artificial intelligence basically, the scientist makes a human-like brain that can do all work by itself and also think about the decision they have to make in working.

8. Banking Through Modern Technology

The main purpose of technology is to make work easy for people and due to technology banking becomes very easy for people. Online transactions and ATM machines make it very for people to make any kind of transaction from their home or from any ATM machine.

9. Technology Used for Purchasing and Selling

There are different kinds of online websites and software that provide the selling and purchasing online services (like AMAZON, ALIBABA, OLX, etc.) People do have not to do a lot of work for that, they have only to open any kind of e-commerce website and select the product they want to purchase enter their details card number, or delivery type if they want to give it by hand, and click on the purchase button.

10. Technology Used in Transportation

Technology plays a very important role in transportation. In today’s world, transportation becomes very easy due to technology. We can easily judge from the fact of the distance between SAUDI ARABIA and PAKISTAN is about 2500 km. We can easily cover it for a maximum of 3 hours.

11. Technology Used for Communication

Through mobile phones, people can contact and can communicate with people, friends, and relatives around the world very easily and at less cost. Before the inventions of mobile phones and telephones, people used letters for communication with their relatives and friends.

12.Technology Used in Agriculture

Technology changes the era of formers working in agriculture. Forming become very easy for the formers due to the new inventions of technology. They can easily work in less time in the form of technological machines.

13. Technology Easy Access to Information

Basically, the internet uses different kinds of search engines like google, bing, yahoo, and many more. By which we can find our interest in the information. For finding the relevant information simple we have to open different kinds of search engines we use and write the thing we want to find out the information about.

14. Technology Improved Housing and Lifestyles

Technology plays a very important role in the lifestyles of human lives. It always developing and improving and giving new ideas to people to improve their lives.

15. Technology Solar Electrical Power

Solar power is the process of harnessing energy from our closest star: the sun! These cells are usually made from silicone; it’s fantastic that we have such abundant and readily available material as a resource for collectible energy.

16. Technology Increased Productivity of the People:

Works that need a lot of time, resources and workers can be easily done with the help of modern technological devices and machines in less consuming time, resources, and workers.

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