1Crore Project is a fast growing organization which offers a wide variety of services to match your business needs and company is promoted by a team of young professionals having vast experience in different domains. Our Training programs are designed to help you develop practical and technical skills that will make you a full-fledged IT professional.

Complete Training in Technology for 5 Days / 10 Days as per Students Comfort. The Training Sessions would be 100% practical & Complete Practical Knowledge & Hands-on Guidance are Provided.

    #  Internship Certificate
    #  Project Completion Certificate
    #  IPT Certificates are provided.

We Provide IPT / Internship Programme in the following Technologies.

    #   Big Data
    #  Cloud Computing
    #  Mobile Computing / Android
    #  Java
    #   J2EE / Web Technologies
    #  Dotnet chennai / Web Technologies
    #   Embedded Training / Micro Controllers
    #   Networking / NS 2
    #  Data Mining
    #  VLSI training, project chennai
    #  Matlab / Image Processing
    #  Communication / Wireless Communication

We offer world class instructor led training programs both in class room or online.

    #   This ensures that students keep best of the latest advances in technology.
    #   The training includes a combination of instructor led training sessions as well as hands-on training.
    #   The training they have undergone equips them to take up any challenge in respective fields.