2017 – 2018 IEEE ME MTech Data Mining Projects List Final Year Projects

IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering

1. Data mining with big data
2. Learning from Imbalanced Data
3. A Survey on Transfer Learning
4. In-Memory Big Data Management and Processing: A Survey
5. Toward the next generation of recommender systems: a survey of the state-of-the-art and possible extensions
6. A Review on Multi-Label Learning Algorithms
7. Computing Semantic Similarity of Concepts in Knowledge Graphs
8. A Scalable Data Chunk Similarity Based Compression Approach for Efficient Big Sensing Data Processing on Cloud
9. Toward integrating feature selection algorithms for classification and clustering
10. A Unified Framework for Metric Transfer Learning
11. Analyzing Sentiments in One Go: A Supervised Joint Topic Modeling Approach
12. Survey on Aspect-Level Sentiment Analysis
13. Modeling the Evolution of Users’ Preferences and Social Links in Social Networking Services
14. CLARANS: a method for clustering objects for spatial data mining
15. Spectral Ensemble Clustering via Weighted K-Means: Theoretical and Practical Evidence
16. Outlier Detection for Temporal Data: A Survey
17. Nonnegative Matrix Factorization: A Comprehensive Review
18. Time-Series Classification with COTE: The Collective of Transformation-Based Ensembles
19. A Web Services Discovery Approach Based on Mining Underlying Interface Semantics
20. Online Multi-Task Learning Framework for Ensemble Forecasting
21. User Vitality Ranking and Prediction in Social Networking Services: A Dynamic Network Perspective
22. Data mining: an overview from a database perspective
23. Feature Selection by Maximizing Independent Classification Information
24. Sentence similarity based on semantic nets and corpus statistics
25. Entity Linking with a Knowledge Base: Issues, Techniques, and Solutions
26. Data-Driven Answer Selection in Community QA Systems
27. Modeling and Learning Distributed Word Representation with Metadata for Question Retrieval
28. Estimating the Helpfulness and Economic Impact of Product Reviews: Mining Text and Reviewer Characteristics
29. Search Rank Fraud and Malware Detection in Google Play
30. Online Feature Selection and Its Applications
31. An Entropy Weighting k-Means Algorithm for Subspace Clustering of High-Dimensional Sparse Data
32. Unsupervised Visual Hashing with Semantic Assistant for Content-Based Image Retrieval
33. Cross-Platform Identification of Anonymous Identical Users in Multiple Social Media Networks
34. SAP: Improving Continuous Top-K Queries Over Streaming Data
35. Keyword Search over Distributed Graphs with Compressed Signature
36. Feature Constrained Multi-Task Learning Models for Spatiotemporal Event Forecasting
37. SSE: Semantically Smooth Embedding for Knowledge Graphs
38. RaPare: A Generic Strategy for Cold-Start Rating Prediction Problem
39. Multi-Behavioral Sequential Prediction with Recurrent Log-Bilinear Model
40. Causal Decision Trees


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