Automated Toll Plaza System With RFID and GSM using IOT Technology


The aim of Project is to illustrate the convenience and versatility of an automatic toll plaza system using RFID technology and its advantages over toll plazas using other techniques. With the number of vehicles increasing every year, the time and fuel wasted on waiting at the toll plazas is ever increasing. Automatic toll plazas can eliminate this wastage of time, fuel and enhance the vehicle security by providing a host of other features such as sending a text message to the registered mobile number of the owner, displaying the information about the vehicle on the display in addition to automatic opening and closing of the barricade. The toll is deducted from the vehicle owner’s prepaid account. A 125 KHz RFID reader is used for detecting the passive tags by the reader module. The motor for the barricade, onsite LCD display and GSM modules have been interfaced with the microcontroller (ATMega328)2020 iot project. This system will cut down time and fuel wastage at the manually controlled toll plazas, provide a layer of security because the SMS sent and will ensure a smoother travel experience for the travellers.


There are many people who developed such systems, where vehicles could just pass through the toll booths without stopping. 

Here, drivers will not wait for paying in cash or to get a token from the toll manager to cross the toll plaza. It paves a convenient way for the vehicles on highways to pay their taxes. 

This system itself specifies the design with the help of unique code which is separately available for each vehicle and thereby it checks the code with the database using the tag which is already been inserted to the vehicle system. 

As soon as the vehicle passes, respective amount for each vehicle is deducted from the users account. Then the gate is automatically opened for the vehicle(2019 iot project). 

If the vehicle which crosses the toll booth is not registered or does not have any unique code then the traditional method of manual payment is followed. 



No Accuracy

No Efficiency 

No Cost Effectiveness



2019 iot project, The proposed method is to provide a fast and efficient system of tax collection in each toll gates and to control the vehicle movements automatically. 

The major functions of the system include vehicle theft detection, automatic tax collections, tracking over speed vehicles and signal breaking avoidance. These mechanisms are done using single RFID tag therefore saving the efforts of carrying money and records manually. 

RFID readers which are mounted on the toll booth will notify the arrival of the vehicle. The prepaid RFID tags fixed on vehicles checks for the unique ID. If the vehicle is not registered then the tax is paid manually. 

If the ID is registered, it gets the details from the database and checks the balance amount and automatically deducts the required amount.  In case of insufficient balance, it deducts the amount from the account holder and shows negative value. Once the transaction is completed the gate is opened. 


High speed passage of car is possible (55 mph or 86 kmph).

Wastage of fuel is substantially reduced.

Traffic jams are avoided to a great extent. 

Security is an added advantage - The location of a stolen car can be notified to the concerned owner through the GSM module.

The owner will also be informed about the amount deducted and the remaining balance which will help him to maintain a sufficient balance in his account.



Managing multiple toll booths is a very complicated task. We here propose a smart card-based toll booth system that is monitored over IOT. The Internet server maintains all the data of user accounts and also their balance. All vehicle owners would possess an RFID based card that stores their account number. Our system at toll booths will monitor the cards scanned when a car arrives at the toll booth. 

The system now connects to the online server to check if the card is valid and if valid what is the balance. If user balance is sufficient, the user balance is deducted online and web system sends signal back to the card scanner system that the user has been billed. On receiving this signal the system operates a motor to open the toll gate for that car. 

The system is controlled by a microcontroller to achieve this purpose. The microcontroller uses wifi connection to connect to the internet through which system interacts with web server to perform the online verification process. Also, system allows to store data of all the vehicles passed at particular time intervals for later reference and surveillance. 

This system thus automates the entire toll booth collection and monitoring process with ease using RFID plus IOT based system.


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